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The Beauty of Crystals

Everything has energy. Energy doesn't disappear it simply transmutes itself becoming something different. Science has proven that energy not only resides in all things but cannot be eliminated. With this kind of thinking Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones become more than rocks; they become catalysts of energy, each with their very own vibrational properties or energetic signature.

We decided to incorporate crystals and gemstones in the production and packaging process because we felt it was important that our skincare products affirmed the idea of beauty within, in addition to, external beauty. Also, there is something beautiful about receiving a crystal or gemstone as a gift.

We selected three very specific crystals for their vibrational correspondence with self-love, confidence, self-trust, intuition, universal love, healing, and beauty. With every order you receive one of the crystals shown below in your package as a gift from us to you and a reminder that you are loved, and already beautiful.

Rose Quartz

Key Words: Love, Gentleness, Emotional Healing, Stress Release, Univeral Love, Inner Beauty, Divine Unity

Chakra: Heart Chakra (4th)

Element: Water


Key Words: Protection, Purification, Self-Love, Intuition, Self-Trust, Divine Connection, Release Addictions

Chakra: Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th) Etheric (8th-14th)

Element: Wind

Unakite Jasper

Key Words: Healing, Balance, Beauty Within, Self-Love, Higher Attunement, Release Bad Habits, Patient Persistence

Chakra: All especially Heart Chakra (4th)

Element: Earth

Sciencientific research has started to support/prove what many spiritual and philosophical thinkers have already known, and that is, that thoughts create energy, and energy creates things(reality). Essentially there is a science that now supports metaphysics and similar topics like the Laws of Attraction. Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones are mentioned in many spiritual tomes and texts. Often times they are discussed as conduits for healing, protection, attraction, power, and many other intentions. Regardless of texts, the crystal, mineral, or gemstones are always used with intention and affirmation.

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